Cocoa Meds – Dark Chocolate Bites 30mg


Our Decadent Dark chocolate for those who enjoy the rich flavor of darker cocoa. This crowd favorite is savory and slightly sweet on the finish.

No introductions are needed for this highly treasured treat that dates back to 2000 BC. Our dark chocolate is made of over 50% cocoa solids and cocoa butter, giving you that rich, complex flavor that is semi-sweet. This is perfect for those looking for a controlled euphoric lift.


We believe what we need to rebuild, rejuvenate and thrive is right here in the soil. Cacao and cannabis sustainably farmed and cultivated to delight your senses- while they work their combined magic on your well being. Welcome to our farmasoothical apothecary, where we craft exquisite confections to awaken the mind and sooth the body.