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Peanut & Gluten FREE!


Sugar (5g), Corn Syrup, Soybean Oil, Milk, Cocoa, Whey and Flavorings.

Indica, Sativa & Hybrid 70mg – THC | Calories: 35

Decca Dose 175mg – THC | Calories: 35

CBD 2mg – THC, 50mg – CBD | Calories: 35

Mixed 50mg – THC, 20mg – CBD | Calories: 35

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Cheeba Chews™ is dedicated to producing the highest quality cannabis infused edibles, delivering superior customer service and creating a reliable and enjoyable product line to consumers.

The original chocolate taffy, marijuana infused edible, known as Cheeba Chews™ was first cooked in Colorado with a simple question, “why can’t anyone make a consistently potent cannabis infused edible for patients in need?“. What was about to happen, no one expected.

Each Cheeba Chew is cut within precise weight tolerances, ensuring consistent medicinal effects every time for patients. We have perfected our process to consistently make the safest pharmaceutical grade cannabis extract possible, while activating 98% of the available cannabinoids. Every single batch of extract is tested for THC, CBD, and CBN content. We also test with edibles on a monthly basis to ensure that we are sticking to our promise of making the most potent and consistent cannabis edible on the market.

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Cheeba Chews

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