6 Stoner Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Started Smoking

1. Always keep a lighter on hand.

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Even if you’re not planning on smoking, you’re bound to run into someone who needs a lighter. And this is a great way to meet other people who smoke if you’re looking for new people to join your smoking circle.

2. Smoke just as much as you want. You don’t need to care about peer pressure.

Florin Wellness Center - FWC - FWC blogs - stoner tips

Some people feel that they need to keep up or stop smoking when their friends do. But the truth is, one of the best stoner tips we can relay to you is that everyone consumes differently. Depending on a number of factors, people are happy with very different levels of cannabis intake. Kinda like alcohol. So next time you want to smoke more than your friends do, do it! And if you want to tap out early and stay on a good level, do that too! No one is going to judge you.

3. There are so many methods of consuming cannabis that if you don’t love smoking, that’s no problem.

Florin Wellness Center - FWC - FWC blogs - stoner tips

Seriously guys, puffing on a joint is no longer the only way to enjoy cannabis. Topicals, tinctures, vapes, edibles, are only some of the ways you can consume without getting any smoke in your lungs.

4. Smoking while high can grant you a DUI! Stay safe on the road.

Florin Wellness Center - FWC - FWC blogs - stoner tips

Just because cannabis is legal for medicinal and recreational use in California, that doesn’t mean you can just blaze it up on your commute back home every day. Stay safe, stay discreet, and stay focused on the road, people!

5. Build a sploof to mask the smell of that extra dank flower.

Florin Wellness Center - FWC - FWC blogs - stoner tips

If you’re still in a situation where you have to mask the smell of your cannabis, this will be one of your favorite stoner tips. Fashion a sploof out of a cardboard toilet paper roll, a dryer sheet, and a rubber band. Blow your smoke into the sploof and it’ll come out smelling like fresh laundry.

6. Budtenders actually really know their stuff. Learn from them.

Florin Wellness Center - FWC - FWC blogs - stoner tips

Budtenders, or the people standing behind the counter at your favorite dispensary, are not just randos. They are experts, and they’ve been trained specifically to help you find what you’re looking for. They’re behind the counter for a reason, so don’t be afraid to pick their brains when it comes to all things cannabis!

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