5 Genius Stoner Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween

5 Genius Stoner Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween

If you love Halloween and love weed as much as we do, you’re probably just as excited as we are to get lit and carve up some pumpkins.

But how do we combine our love for both of these amazing things into one fun project even more, you ask?

We found some of the most creative stoner pumpkin carving ideas in the hopes to inspire you for the best spooky and smoke-y Halloween ever.

1. The functional pumpkin bong

stoner pumpkin carving ideas - Florin Wellness Center blog

From IG user @canigetabump

Okay, so this may not exactly be a traditional carved pumpkin in the way we’re used to, but it is still technically carving a pumpkin. And for us stoners, it’s probably one of the most useful stoner pumpkin carving ideas that we can give you.

How to carve your own pumpkin bong:
If you want to use a glass downstem like IG user @canigetabump did, all you have to do is make a small, round hole that pokes through to the center of the pumpkin and slowly and carefully make the hole bigger until the downstem fits snugly into the hole.

If you want a carb, and you probably do, put another small hole on the side of the pumpkin that pokes all the way through to the middle.

To make the mouthpiece, puncture yet another small hole on the other side of the pumpkin from the bowl at a 45-degree angle to intersect the middle of the pumpkin.

And now you’re set! Enjoy your totally functional pumpkin bong!

2. The classic pot leaf pumpkin

stoner pumpkin carving ideas - Florin Wellness Center blog

From IG user @puffbabygirl

The cannabis leaf is a symbol of all of the joy and relief that weed has provided for so many people.

So why not carve it into a pumpkin?

IG user @puffbabygirl executed it perfectly, even with the jagged leaf details!

The candle on the inside gives it the kind of glow that just makes you feel good inside.

Even though it’s a fairly simple idea, this is one of the harder stoner pumpkin carving ideas to execute. Be careful with your carving tools with this one, it’s harder than it looks!

3. The not-quite-functional-but-still-amazing pumpkin bong

stoner pumpkin carving ideas - Florin Wellness Center blog

From IG user @amyhoopsalot

So you may not be able to actually smoke out of this bong, but admit it, it still does look pretty darn cool.

This creative take on what a pumpkin bong means is clever and cute, with its little cannabis leafs adorning the edges.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to smoke their greens with glass, a carving of a bong on your pumpkin may be one of the perfect stoner pumpkin carving ideas for you.

Good luck getting those wisps of smoke looking as good as IG user @amyhoopsalot did though!

4. The subtle stoner pumpkin

stoner pumpkin carving ideas - Florin Wellness Center blog

From IG user @alexstaple

This is one of our favorite pumpkins because it’s not quite as obvious as the rest of our stoner pumpkin carving ideas.

IG user @alexstaple managed to create a whimsical and detailed pumpkin carving and snuck in a cute little joint-smoking pumpkin.

Yes, a pumpkin within a pumpkin. Guess you could call this stoner pumpkin inception.

Something like this would be extremely difficult to replicate unless you have some serious skills, as this is an original design, but we hope it inspires you as much as it inspired us!

5. The favorite strain shout-out

stoner pumpkin carving ideas - Florin Wellness Center blog

From IG user @cat.ggstrains

Those of us who are on the more experienced side when it comes to cannabis probably have a few go-to favorite strains.

For IG user @cat.ggstrains, it’s clear that her husband’s (the pumpkin carver) favorite is GG4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4).

GG4 is one POTENT strain. This hybrid is so heavy that, true to its name, it may leave you feeling “glued” to the couch in a meditative and relaxing cerebral state.

We think this is one of the most unique stoner pumpkin carving ideas because sharing your favorite strain will create a sense of community with whoever happens to see your pumpkin and feels the same way.

We hope you all have the best Halloween ever! Which of these stoner pumpkin carving ideas was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

Do you and your S.O. need some stoner Halloween costume inspiration? It’s not too late to put together an epic 420-friendly costume this year!

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