Potent Cannabis Without the Potent Aroma: 5 Tips to Smoke Weed Without the Smell

Potent Cannabis Without the Potent Aroma: 5 Tips to Smoke Weed Without the Smell

Whether you love it or hate it, everyone has an opinion about it.

An opinion on what, you may be asking? The smell of weed, but of course!

Whether you are trying to be discreet because you live with other people or family members, or maybe you simply don’t like the smell, we wanted to write this blog for people just like you.

So many of our customers want to get potent products but want to be able to smoke weed without the smell if they need to.

Here are __ tips that you can use every time you get high to ensure that the dankness is still there, but you can’t smell it.

1. Practice cleanliness

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Cannabis smoke lingers far less than cigarette smoke does.

So unless you’re hotboxing your room at this very moment, there’s no real reason for your pad to smell like a grow op.

If it does, there are probably a couple (easily fix-able) reasons for that.

The first is that you probably have ashtrays sitting out with a few roaches sitting in a bed of ash and stems.

The second is that you may have bongs or other water pipes that have dirty water that have been sitting out in your house for a little too long.

The, somewhat obvious, fix is to clean up after yourself.

All there is to it is cleaning off that ashtray, or simply emptying the bong water when you’re done using it.

Whatever you do, don’t let that bong water spill anywhere!

Now that is a hard smell to deal with.

2. Use a sploof

Florin Wellness Center blog - FWC - smoke weed without the smell


If you’ve ever lived in a college dorm, chances are, you may remember fashioning your own sploof out of toilet paper rolls and dryer pads in order to smoke weed without the smell.

Essentially, a sploof is something you can use to filter your smoke into that’ll leave your smoke smelling like fresh laundry cleaner.

There is even an actual brand of sploof, appropriately called the Sploofy, that was designed to do everything our janky college sploofs could do, but better.

This product allows you to smoke as usual but with instant filtration, minimal odor, and can last months before needing a re-fill of its inner cartridge.

3. Try some smoke-free methods

Florin Wellness Center blog - FWC - smoke weed without the smell


You may love smoking raw flower, but have you given any other consumption methods a chance yet?

It may be hard to smoke weed without the smell, but there are other ways to get high with cannabis that don’t have any of the potent aroma that flower is typically associated with.

There are so many smoke-free methods that are just as potent, if not more, that avoid smell altogether.

Some of those methods include using tinctures, edibles, capsules, vapes, and topicals.

But if you’re a first timer, be sure to do your research on the differences in highs between each method, and why each is so popular for different reasons.

And just a quick note with topicals – some of them smell really weedy.

Be wary when treating localized pain with topicals if you want to avoid that pesky cannabis smell.

4. Use smell-proof containers

Florin Wellness Center blog - FWC - smoke weed without the smell


Ziploc baggies won’t help you much in this situation.

The most potent flower tends to have the most potent smell, so if you’re going to store or smoke weed without the smell in your home, you’ll definitely want to utilize smell-proof jars or containers to keep the smell at bay.

Most of the packaging that your flower comes in, at least if you’re shopping at our dispensary, is really good at containing the smell.

Especially anything that comes in a glass container.

And if you don’t have any fancy containers, just remember that the more you insulate, and the more layers of coverage you use around your containers, the better your set-up will be at containing weedy smells.

It all comes down to common sense.

5. Practice common sense

Florin Wellness Center blog - FWC - smoke weed without the smell


See? We weren’t kidding. It does all come down to common sense.

If you don’t want your place to smell like cannabis, we recommend smoking outside, or out of a window with a fan running.

You can always try masking the smell with things that can be found in every cannabis enthusiast’s arsenal: candles and incense.

Just use common sense when dealing with common scents (see what I did there?)

Interested in learning what kind of smell-proof products we have in stock? Feel free to stop by our shop anytime and become a part of our FWC family!

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      We’re glad you enjoyed! We post new content often, so feel free to check in to stay updated 🙂

  2. Sharon Wilson-Smith December 21, 2018 at 9:06 pm - Reply

    I liken that you suggested using smell-proof jars or containers to make sure that your weed’s smell is not going to be too obvious. My husband and I are planning to use weeds for medical reasons. We don’t actually keep fancy jars that we can use. Maybe, it will be better for us to consider buying weed products such as candies so we won’t need to keep them. Thanks!

    • Florin Flora December 27, 2018 at 9:20 am - Reply

      Hi Sharon! Some people really love the aroma of cannabis products, and some don’t, which is totally okay. If you’re in that boat and don’t own any smell-proof jars, next time you come in to our dispensary, feel free to talk to one of our budtenders and they can show you the best selection of our smell-proof products. Thanks for reaching out!

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