This month the FWC family wants to shine a light on a very special company doing big things in the cannabis industry. Known for their Bhang Chocolates, Bhang has evolved into an award-winning cannabis brand that has consistently delivered an experience that customers have come to recognize and love.

Although Bhang found initial fame with their award-winning cannabis-infused chocolates, their line of vaporizers has rapidly gained popularity for their pure honey-gold concentrates and smooth-hitting vapor. If you haven’t experienced one of Bhang’s Premium C02 Vape Cartridges, then you should definitely consider treating yourself to one!

Come into FWC today and ask one of our friendly budtenders about Bhang’s premium line of cannabis oil cartridges.

Bhang Private Reserve Cannabis Oil 500mg – $40Bhang Private reserve cannabis oil - FWC

Winner of High Time’s 2nd Place Award for Best Cartridge, Bhang’s Private Reserve Cartridges are the cream of the crop when it comes to cannabis oil. These cartridges come fully loaded with a THC potency of up to 95% — some of the highest you can get in anywhere.

You don’t need to worry about inhaling any of the undesirable bits associated with traditional smoking or lesser-quality vapes. Bhang prides itself on a multi-step CO2 extraction process that removes plant matter and unwanted compounds from the oil — so you are getting a clean hit of pure high-quality cannabis oil.

Bhang’s Steel Reserve Collection comes in a variety of different strains, so if you’re looking for a sativa to amp you up, an indica to mellow you out, or a hybrid for something in between — Bhang’s got you covered.

Bhang Pure Cannabis Oil 500mg 30$

Bhang Pure Cannabis Oil - FWC

Bhang’s Pure Collection is another line of beautiful golden cannabis oil that is special for its premium quality and cleanliness. The Pure collection is free of additives and unwanted chemicals that make for an all-natural vape experience.

The Pure Oil collection comes in a large variety of different award-winning flavors and strains. So there is something for everyone here. What’s even better is the price — these are sold at a slightly lower price point with a lower potency (up to 75% THC) but still pack the premium quality of signature Bhang products.

Bhang Natural Cannabis Oil - FWC

Bhang Natural Cannabis Oil

Bhang’s Natural Cannabis Oil line of vaporizers deliver a lighter amount of THC (up to 55%). Which is perfect for someone who is new or just starting out with vaping. Bhang Natural Cartridges boast the same consistency, quality, and purity of the rest of Bhang’s vaporizers, but at a lower cost.

Bhang’s Natural Cartridges come in a variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. These cartridges could make the perfect gift (Valentine’s is just around the corner guys) for that special someone!

Bhang CBD Cannabis Oil 500mg

Bhang CBD cartridge - FWC

Bhang’s CBD Cartridges are perfect for the customer looking for the pain relief and medical benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD. These high-quality cartridges come in different ratios of CBD/THC (1:1, 4:1. And 18:1), so there is a dosage for every type of person. Including those who want the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC.

These are perfect for someone looking for a premium and clean CBD experience and medical relief.

100% CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil Cartridges

Whether you’re looking for the heavy-hitting punch of a Bhang Private Reserve Vape or a more mild Bhang Natural Vape, FWC has got you covered.

Come into FWC today and ask one of our budtenders about Bhang’s award-winning cannabis products!


What about you? Do you have a favorite? Share with us in the comments below!