All About the Gorilla Glue Strain and All Three of Its Potent Versions

If you’re not looking for an award-winning cannabis experience that’ll blast you into a heavy-handed euphoria, then you should probably stop reading now.

This blog is all about a world-famous strain that’s won awards for how potent and unique it is.

It’s also about a strain that’s controversial in the cannabis industry and has seen some dark days.

That’s right, you probably guessed (if the headline didn’t already give it away) that this blog is all about the famous Gorilla Glue strain.

Now known as GG4 or Original Glue, the Gorilla Glue strain has won multiple awards including the first place award in both the Michigan and Los Angeles 2014 Cannabis Cups and the High Times Jamaican World Cup.

Whatever you want to call it, this strain is no joke.

So many Gorilla Glues… which version is the best?

Florin Wellness Center - gorilla glue strain

You may have noticed that the most popular version of this strain is numbered as #4 (denoted as GG4), but there’s also a GG1 and a GG5. Don’t ask us why they skipped #2 and #3. Seriously, no one knows.

GG4: Original Glue

By far the most popular version of Gorilla Glue strain, this version is also the most potent. The most common effect of Original Glue is the couch-comfy euphoria that most of its explorers experience. Some even claim to feel “glued” to the couch. So basically, if you’re looking for the best strain to get trippy while you Netflix and chill, this is the one.

GG1: Sister Glue

Sister Glue is a lot like Original Glue in that they’re bred from the same parent genetics (Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel). However, the main difference is that this version of the strain has a much more piney aroma than GG4. If you’re looking for a version of the Gorilla Glue strain for treating pain and sleeplessness, keep your eyes peeled for GG1.

GG5: New Glue

Again, similar to the other two versions of the strain, GG5, or New Glue, is a potent and popular option. The coolest part about this strain is that its parent strains are GG1 and GG4. That means that you can enjoy the best parts of both versions all wrapped up in one! This version is the heaviest when it comes to sedative relaxation effects. If you’re looking for a cannabis alternative to your muscle relaxants or pain relievers, you may find the relief you’re looking for in New Glue.

Florin Wellness Center - gorilla glue strain

You may be wondering why this strain has so many names. Well, it used to be called Gorilla Glue, named after the popular glue company. But as you can imagine, that glue company wasn’t too happy about the name choice.

One trademark infringement case later, and these new-and-improved names were developed to help to differentiate the strain from the glue.

Phew! That could’ve been a sticky situation…

Want to try a Gorilla Glue strain for yourself? Check out our online menu anytime to see what we have in stock! Pro tip: Search for all versions of this strain’s name for a better chance of discovering it…