How to Attract Good Vibes in 10 Minutes or Less

Who’s out here spreading those good vibes?

Here are a few easy things you can do every day to help you attract the good vibes you want in your life, and it’ll take less than 10 minutes!

1. Practice self-love.

Florin Wellness Center - FWC blogs - good vibes

This doesn’t have to mean a bubble bath and a face mask.

Self-love just means giving yourself some slack and seeing yourself as the beautiful, imperfect, and flawed human being that you are.

And practicing this, though easier said than done, can take way less than 10 minutes.

For example, if you’re bombarded with some negative energy, it’s easy for any of us to internalize and catastrophize it.

But you can make the conscious decision not to view it as a new part of your identity and a permanent fixture in your life.

Instead, try to see it as a passing moment that makes you feel some feels before it flows through you, and you come out stronger at the end.

You’ll stop internalizing everything bad that happens to you, and instead, you’ll start to focus on elements of your life that you can change to better avoid bad vibes like that. And most importantly, you won’t blame yourself anymore.

Once you get into the habit of practicing this, you’ll attract the good vibes from everyone else actively practicing this too.

2. Smile when you feel it.

Florin Wellness Center - FWC blogs - good vibes

We’re not going to sit here and tell you to smile all the time.

Especially if you’re used to getting unwanted attention when you decide to smile at a stranger.

The world gives us all a million reasons not to smile, but when you experience those blissful, fleeting moments of joy, you should show it!

Expressing your feelings, whether it be in words or in body language, shows those around you that you’re confident, in touch with your emotions, and unafraid to show how you feel.

Positive energy is contagious, so when you’re not afraid to smile when you feel it, you’ll attract good vibes from every angle!

3. Instead of working tirelessly toward one big goal, set smaller, more easily achievable goals throughout your day.

Florin Wellness Center - FWC blogs - good vibes

Focusing on achieving your goals is the good vibes life hack that we all need.

But you can make your life a little easier, a little more rewarding, and a little happier when you set smaller goals for yourself that lead up to the big one.

For example, if your big goal is to start a successful business, your smaller goals can look like: choose and register your business name, conceptualize a logo, or hire your first staff member.

If you really want to get those good vibes flowing, start with even smaller goals like making your bed in the morning, reading a chapter in a book of your choice, or exercising for an extra 10 minutes at the gym.

Setting small goals to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape will help you to achieve your big goals, and you’ll feel even more accomplished at the end of the day. Good vibes all around!

4. Accept yourself for who you are now AND for who you’re becoming. And know that there are things you can do now that fit both.

Florin Wellness Center - FWC blogs - good vibes

We’re human beings, so we’re constantly changing and evolving. The way we think, the way we perceive the world, and our relationships are constantly shifting. This is a good thing and deserves to be honored. But that doesn’t mean that the person you are in this present moment should be neglected.

When you find that balance of accepting yourself as you are while also acknowledging your shortcomings and growing into the more evolved version of yourself, there’s no way you won’t attract good vibes.

Positive people are attracted to people who aren’t afraid of change. People caught in negative headspaces will be threatened by your metamorphosis and will try to bring you down with them. Don’t let them.

5. Try cannabis.

Florin Wellness Center - FWC blogs - good vibes

Last, but certainly not least, we think you should smoke some weed. Cannabis is known to be a catalyst to help promote positivity, gratitude, and all things good.

We see it every day at our dispensary when we see how positive and kind our customers are to each other.

It inspires us to spread the love even more, and we’re always so grateful for those good vibes.

Here at Florin Wellness Center, we’re all about inspiring positive energy. One step in our dispensary and you’ll feel it right away. Not only are our budtenders trained to be experts about all things cannabis, but they’re naturals when it comes to putting out good vibes.