5 Successful Cannabis Businesses Ran by Parents

5 Successful Cannabis Businesses Ran by Parents

1. Meet Whitney Beatty of The Apothecarry Brands, Inc

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Whitney Beatty, the CEO of The Apothecarry Brands, Inc., built Apothecarry guided by her vision for heightening the quality and experience of smoking.

She developed one of the leading cannabis businesses creating cutting-edge 420-friendly accessories and tools.

“The Apothecarry Brands, Inc is a purveyor of luxury cannabis accouterment,” comments Beatty, “providing high style and high-quality good designed with the upscale smoker in mind.”

After being prescribed medical marijuana for her anxiety in 2012, Beatty was able to shake the stigma.

But she still needed a better way to store her cannabis, considering she had a toddler and a curious dog in the house.

Beatty explained her inspiration for revolutionizing the cannabis experience, “I had a wine fridge for my wine. I had a cigar humidor in my house. I had a closet that I kept all my alcohol in. But the thing that I called medicine, that made a real health difference for me, I kept in a shoebox under my bed. Really? Your medicine’s in a dirty Nike shoebox. That’s not a thing. So, let’s clean this experience and let’s make it feel more presentable.”

2. Meet Cassandra Farrington of Marijuana Business Daily

Florin Wellness Center blog - FWC - cannabis businesses

Cassandra Farrington, the CEO of Marijuana Business Daily, began building the news source with the dream of creating “The Wall Street Journal” of legal marijuana.

“We’re not a lifestyle publication or a culture magazine or a celebration of the plant type publication,” comments Farrington about the company. “We are truly all about the dollars, cents, actions, partnerships: the business side of the industry.”

She shares the funny story about how she was “outed” to her friends and neighbors as a cannabis entrepreneur. It all happened during a meeting she was co-leading for her daughter’s Girl Scout troop.

After seeing her on the news, one parent asked her for advice about where to buy a joint, and another invited her to get a coffee to pick her brain about the how cannabis businesses work and the industry as a whole.

“Between those two interactions,” laughs Farrington, “I was like, ‘This is going to be just fine.”

3. Meet Surjit Singh of Khush Kush

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Having never even tried smoking marijuana, Surjit Singh saw an opportunity when Washington legalized cannabis in 2012.

Being an immigrant from India, Singh saw starting his grow-op as a chance to live the American dream.

To him, this meant owning a successful business that would allow him, and his family, to pay off their debts, stop working long hours, and achieve financial stability.

When his business started growing, literally, he recruited his 31-year-old son, Saini to join the family business.

“I came from a poor family,” shared Singh, “and it was always on my mind to do something – to get some kind of level of success.”

The name of their business, Khush Kush, is a nod to their roots. “Khush” means happiness in Hindi and Punjabi, and the word “kush” is slang that refers to cannabis strains that originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range.

4. Meet Kingston of Gas House

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Kingston, the co-founder of Gas House, an Oakland-based cannabis brand, had been cultivating cannabis in Atlanta years before he moved to a legal state.

“There’s nothing I’ve ever done in my life,” Kingston shares about his drive behind running his business, “that makes me feel like what I’m doing right now.”

But he felt compelled to move to Oakland because illegality forced him to keep his business a secret from his family and loved ones.

He wanted to be able to share his passion with the world but never wanted to put any of his family in danger.

Now Gas House has flourished into a successful cannabis brand with products all over the state.

Gas House is proud to be one of the only leading Black-owned cannabis businesses in California.

“[This is] cannabis’s first shot at legacy. For my family, [I can] build a generation of wealth for my kids, [and] build opportunities to be great.” shares Kingston.

Find out more about the story behind Gas House, and how they were covered by Vice, here.

5. Meet Jane West of Jane West

Florin Wellness Center blog - FWC - cannabis businesses

Jane West, CEO of Jane West, developed cannabis-friendly accessories and goods for fellow women.

Her goal was to allow others to experience cannabis in a whole new way.

She also pioneered a global online community celebrating the new legal lifestyle.

CBS This Morning commended West on her efforts, “This mom is on a marijuana mission: making the pot business women-friendly.”

West, the mom of two boys, had her mind set on bringing a womanly touch to the industry.

She referred to the cannabis industry in Denver as “dude soup; bro culture, clunky products designed for guys who know all the words to ‘Dazed and Confused’, and severely lacking in polish and finesse.”

West is quickly gaining notoriety throughout the industry.

She got high with Snoop Dogg, got busted by the SWAT team, and is an effective cannabis advocate.

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