Move Over 4/20! How to Be 710-Friendly and Celebrate 7/10

When you love cannabis as much as weed do, you’ll take advantage of any opportunity to celebrate your favorite plant.

As much as we love 4/20 (seriously, we still celebrate every year), there’s another summer holiday for us cannabis enthusiasts that you won’t want to miss!

If this is your first year celebrating 7/10 (July 10th), you’re in for a treat!

But first, let’s get into what it means to be 710-friendly.

Much like the holiday 4/20, 7/10 celebrates the awesomeness that is cannabis. But the difference between the two holidays is that if you say that you’re 710-friendly, you’re referring specifically to cannabis concentrates.

But why 710, you might ask? Look at the numbers. 710. If you look at them upside-down and backward, it looks just like OIL. Cannabis oil… concentrates…you get it.

Florin Wellness Center - FWC - 710-friendly

Concentrates (also known as cannabis extracts) are the very essence of the cannabis plant that can be dabbed, smoked, vaped, infused, and more.

It’s one of the most versatile ways of experiencing cannabis which is why so many people from all walks of life are drawn to cannabis concentrates.

This 100% natural substance usually looks like a sticky golden yellow goo, which is why it can be a little intimidating to first-time explorers. But there’s no need to be afraid! This plant derivative is extracted directly from the frosty green nug that you’re used to smoking.

But being 710-friendly also requires that you can handle a little bit more potency than your average cannabis explorer.

If you’re smoking a potent flower, its THC levels typically range between 18% and 25%. But when it comes to concentrates? That number skyrockets for an even more potent experience.

For many, this can mean a more intensely visceral experience, or a way to save money by ingesting less in each sesh because you won’t need to consume as much as you normally would to feel satisfied with, say, flower.

Florin Wellness Center - FWC - 710-friendly

Concentrates have also gained popularity because of how discreet it is. When you vape cannabis concentrate with a vape pen or pod, it’s a very different experience than any other method.

It’s not nearly as smelly or smoky as smoking a joint, and it doesn’t stay in your system for as long as an edible would. This is the perfect method for discreet usability and precise dosing.

Vape pens and pods are quickly becoming the preferred choice by parents who like to enjoy cannabis after they’ve tucked in their kids.

Florin Wellness Center - FWC - 710-friendly

So, you’re 710-friendly. Now what?

Well, lucky for you, the holiday celebrating cannabis extracts is right around the corner!

Here are just a few products you can check out that are available here at Florin Wellness Center! But hurry! These products will be flying off the shelves (especially for other 710-friendly celebrators), so call in ahead if you want to make sure that your favorite is in stock:

  1. Day Caps from Cookies | Lemonchello #9
    Coming in 50mg or 100mg options, these Day Caps from Cookies are a great way to ease into the 710 lifestyle. Take it in a pill form, wait until you feel the effects, and enjoy! Cookies also offers Night Caps if you want to wind down after an epic 710 party.
  2. Live Resin Sauce from Moxie | Fruit Snack
    You will need a little bit more equipment to dab this sauce up, so call up your friend who knows how to help you take your first dab, and blast off! This powerhouse product is tested at 79% THC, so buckle in and enjoy the ride.
  3. Vape Pen from Ionic | GSC
    Here’s a vape pen you’ll love to start with. This clean and minimal boutique-extracted, triple-distilled vape pen is a great option for when you’re on-the-go. Bring this to your first 710 party for a 710 you’ll remember forever.

We hope you have a great time celebrating 7/10 this year! Stop by Florin Wellness Center or any other dispensaries powered by Kolas to stock up on concentrate goodies for your new favorite holiday!

P.S. Have you scoped our full selection of Cookies products yet?! That’s right, the famous brand created by Berner can be found in Sacramento almost exclusively here at Florin Wellness Center and other dispensaries powered by Kolas. We have tons of their most sought-after products on our shelves for you to explore and experience. Come n’ get your freshly baked Cookies today and gear up for 7/10!