Solvent Extracts

Concentrated cannabis, commonly referred to as Hashish, has been crafted by humans for hundreds of years. Traditionally, plant matter is dried and agitated to break trichomes which are gathered by hand and massaged or pressed into a homogenous product. When smoked, the effect is…just terrific. Over time, areas across the globe have become synonymous with fine hashish. The countries of Morocco, Lebanon, Afghanistan and the Himalayan mountain range are regarded as the cradle of hashish. Ancient methods in conjunction with modern innovation have allowed contemporary makers to create concentrated cannabis virtually free of plant matter. These new extracts fully liquify when heated and are often made with solvents that are used to strip the essential oils from the plant. Wax, Honeycomb, Shatter and Crumble are all nicknames for these new, highly potent concentrates. Now Northern and Southern California, Seattle and Colorado are prime 21st century destinations for these extracts, and you can get some of the best at FWC.

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