Cannabis grows all over the world. The species is sub-divided between Cannabis Sativa, which grows in tropical, subtropical and otherwise equatorial regions; and Cannabis Indica, indigenous to territories near Pakistan, India and Tibet. Cannabis Sativa grown for medicinal use is often hybridized with other strains to increase density, yield and manage flowering time. This is done because Sativas are naturally enormous and long flowering with thin bud structure. Many of the strains that were introduced to Americans in the 1970s and 80s were essentially Sativas. Cannabis from Thailand, Colombia and Hawaii can grow over twenty feet and display pencil thin leaves. Cannabis breeders have created Sativa dominant varieties with these landrace (native to its environment) heirlooms and are now available for your medical use.Every person has their own sensitivities and tolerances to cannabis, which are subject to change. Assessing one’s reaction to marijuana as a medicine is not an exact science. It is more a culmination of personal experience and the testimony of others; a study that must be maintained for accuracy. Sativa dominant strains are generally more psychoactive than their Indica counterparts. While Indicas generally give a sedated reaction, Sativas are considered motivating, uplifting and cerebral. They are perfect for starting (though not necessarily finishing) projects and give many people a lifted or high sensation.Be sure to ask your budtender for their recommendations.

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