Cannabis grows all over the world. The species is sub-divided between Cannabis Sativa, which grows in tropical, subtropical and otherwise equatorial regions; and Cannabis Indica, indigenous to territories near Pakistan, India and Tibet. Hybrid strains are the product of Indica and Sativa parents. They can express dominance on both ends of the spectrum; Indicas with a sleepy, narcotic sensation and Sativas with a more psychoactive effect. Choosing which hybrid is right for you can be confusing, as strains may take dominance from either parent. Just as you may resemble your mother or father, a cannabis strain may resemble one parent or another. Maybe you look like mom but act more like dad.The complexities of plant botany, growing conditions and an individual’s sensitivities are all factors in the effect marijuana will give. Many hybrid strains are on the cutting edge of cannabis breeding and are truly worth the attention of any Indica or Sativa connoisseur.

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