Tis the season to be medicated!

420 is just around the corner and we are going to celebrate properly with our best Patient Appreciation Day yet! It will take place on 4/19 from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. We’ve got plenty of new and exciting activities planned for you including but not limited to: vendor booths, food, gift bags, a raffle, FREE Dr. evaluations, and a DJ!

There will be free samples and music for your enjoyment. Each patient who donates

  • a minimum of (25) will receive one of our famous gift bags and a food voucher for Drewski’s Hotrod Kitchen.
  • a minimum donation of (100), patients will receive a raffle ticket for the drawing of the day!

The sponsors that will be at the event are: Americanna, Bhang, Bloom Farms, Cocoa Meds, Dabba, Dabface, Green House, HI-FI, Invisidab, Jetty, Kiva, LolaLola, MediX, Moon/Dixie, Mr. Natural, Pure Extract, Raw Garden, Tetra Labs, CO2 Clear, Cheeba Chew, Dr. Raw, Greg Grateful Papers, Highest Quality, Morsel, Rub Dub, The Hemp Co., 420 Med Evaluations, Brohams, Shiva, Cheeky Monkey, David Joints, Edipure, Guild, HMBLT, King Cobra, Korova, and Moxie!

Come join your FWC Family so you don’t miss out on all of the fun!